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ON for '07: DNO distribution, start of 10/30 project. OFF for '07: KRIFF

ON for '07:

* Date Number One distribution
coming up:
- party to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the World Premiere of DNO (5/13/06) on May 12 (next Sat!), an event for cast & crew & significant others & close friends
- DVDs will be available for sale from Wild Diner Store starting on May 13
- 1 week run in Kensington, MD: July 12 - 18
- lots more screenings! info. coming soon

** Start of the 10/30 (making & releasing 10 features in 30 months) project
- shoot feature 1 - working title: Filmmaking For The Poor (FFTP), starting in August, complete editing & start distribution in October/before November


OFF for '07:

It is possible to shoot a film part time & also distribute another film PT, while maintaining a FT day job, but I think it would be difficult to produce a film festival while working a FT job and while producing and distributing features. So, The Kensington Real Independent Film Festival (KRIFF) will have to wait until next year. KRIFF will not be happening this year, will have the new dates for the fest in Jan '08. Most likely it will happen in early September '08. Hopefully this does not mess up anyone's plans for '07 too much.


That's the latest for upcoming major '07 stuff. Will have details on things as they happen.

- Sujewa


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