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Feed Off

Some indieWIRE blogs page readers & others (see post below) were having problems with the fact that I am mostly talking about Date Number One at this blog these days ("! the nerve, talking about his own movie at his blog!" :)), so, I just turned off the site feeds. Which means posts made at this blog should not be showing up at indieWIRE's blogs page anymore. This, I think, is the way to go at the moment, since I am more interested in writing about my own movie and less interested in writing about indie film & filmmaking in general right now. Later on iW blogs page, been nice hanging out over there for a while.

Hello people-who-want-to-mostly-read-about-DNO-over-here, pull up a chair.

:: 6/7/07 UPDATE: Feed's are back on. Will be blogging as usual re: DNO & other things. Any iW blogs page reader can just ignore whatever they do not want to read.

- Sujewa


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