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See ya in NYC next week! (film blogger meet up, Apple Store SoHo event, and I think there's some movie that Matt Dentler likes @ IFC Center)

The last week of not-too-much-work-during-the-summer is coming up; I am taking a little trip to NYC, mainly for the iW blogger/indie film blogger meet up on Thu 8/23 starting @ 9 PM @ Botanica bar, more info. here. I will also be visiting a bunch of indie theaters & catching a lot of movies during this trip. On this trip I'll have with me screener DVDs of Date Number One to give to several NYC people I've promised them to months ago; we are staying true to the Wild Diner Films motto: "yeah, it'll get done eventually" :).

Prior to the blogger meet up I am going to try to attend the Apple Store SoHo event re: Generation DIY filmmakers, which starts at 7 PM on Thu 8/23. Get more info. on that thingy here.

And I think there is a new movie opening up on Wed 8/22 at the IFC Center; a movie that I have not heard too much about in the blogz lately, a movie that SXSW film festival producer Matt Dentler is kind of excited about - find out all about it here. I am going to try to catch Hannah Takes the Stairs, if possible, during this trip.

Alright, see ya in NYC anyone I know who is gonna be there 8/22 - 8/24. A little V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N, woo hoo! :) - made possible in part by $20 one way shuttle bus tix from DC to NYC, & a friend's couch - very glad those things exist. A little break before we get busy with the new movie starting in September & also continuing with DNO distribution (DNO DVDs that have been ordered will ship out before 9/1).

- Sujewa


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