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awesome, a new Jim Jarmusch movie! :)

regardless of how it turns out, a new movie by Jim Jarmusch is a recent to celebrate ('cause his Stranger Than Paradise got the ball rolling in a big way on this current US indie film wave & 'cause he made my favorite American movie: Mystery Train), get all the info. at Movie City Indie.

- sujewa


Anonymous said…
What I would like to know is what’s up with people not talking about Marquette Williams’ new film UNSPEAKABLE. If you have not seen it, get on it! The music alone is creepier than, and the story line has so many damn twists it had me and my friend talking about for three days after we saw. Dark, very dark, but an excellent thriller from a filmmaker with a great cinematic eye. There will be some online screenings soon at or
UNSPEAKABLE on you tube:

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