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Alex "Midnight Kiss" Holdridge interview at Film Threat

From the interview:

" What was the inspiration for your film "In Search of a Midnight Kiss"?

I was dumped, flat broke, at a career low after watching my life fall apart in three months and working at a video store on New Year's Eve when I started to consider, "In Search of a Midnight Kiss." I wanted to watch a really funny and cynical movie about how ridiculous New Year's Eve was when you were dateless and depressed. So that led to thinking about that nether zone of the year between New Year's and Christmas when all the lonely people are hanging around their families going crazy and thinking about the next year and what they will do differently. So Sara Simmonds (Vivian in "ISOAMK") and I walked the streets of downtown talking about this movie and discovered all of these amazing locations. We could not believe that no one had captured the beautiful and post-apocalyptic downtown. That set the wheels in motion, but it took getting the axe with my studio project and a phone call from my friend Robert Murphy (cinematographer of "ISOAMK") saying that he had just bought an HD camera and was coming to L.A. for a week to finally put pen to paper. It was Dec. 26th a year later. I then wrote the 130 page script by Jan. 8th when we began shooting. Robert didn't even know we were shooting a feature. He figured it was a short since we only had 8 days at the time. On the first day he looked over and saw the 130 page script. He didn’t want to ask me such a question, so he whispered to Scoot, 'Is that the script we are shooting?' thinking there was no way we could film that many pages. But we were so desperate and motivated having the chance to shoot again, that we made it happen."

Read the rest at Film Threat.

Thanks GreenCine Daily for the link!

- Sujewa


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