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Ed Burns interview re: Purple Violets/iTunes at MovieMaker

check out the interview at MovieMaker.

here is a segement:

"MM: Since you are the first person to premiere a feature on iTunes, you get that added press, too.

EB: There is that, yeah. We never really factored that in or gave that much thought cause the press, it still may very well prove to be not necessarily positive. I think it was more about… none of my films have played theatrically in St. Louis since 1996. There are plenty of people there who like my stuff, so maybe now they can see it on the day it opens.

MM: Exactly. Is there any thing you can see though as a threat to the success of this experiment?

EB: I don’t, you know. You’re a filmmaker, and especially as a kid in film school, you dream of sitting in the movie theater and seeing yourself projected on a big screen. I mean, that’s why I think people become filmmakers and actors. You fall in love with the environment and the feeling you get sitting in a theater with an audience. That being said, my movies to date haven’t been cinematic experiences. My movies are small, talky films about people wrestling with human issues. It isn’t about great set pieces or action or special effects. Do I really want people to watch my film on their iPhone? No. But I feel like I can’t stay in love with the old model in the same way that… an audiophile [will] talk to me about an MP3 that’s lacking in quality [and you] can only listen to that record on vinyl. That may be true--maybe it sounds better on vinyl--but that is not our current reality. Sounds fine on my iPod."

read the rest here.

check out the Purple Violets trailer here, looks good.

- sujewa


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