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go DIY young screenwriter, sayz one media professional

(well, to be entirely accurate, what Wagner James Au said was "Screenwriters, DIY!", i just couldn't resist using a version of go west... :)

In the article "Screenwriters, DIY!" (thanks to Thompson On Hollywood for the link), we find the following:

"In the mid 90s, during a strike against The San Francisco Examiner, a bunch of staff writers and editors abandoned the newspaper to start up their own “web magazine.” Though it seemed like a weird idea at the time, the web mag eventually became, now a site with more readers than most newspapers — including The Examiner itself.

As the WGA strike moves into its second week, it’s hard not to see a similar opportunity: What’s to stop WGA writers (especially those associated with well-known TV shows and movies) from doing a similar thing with YouTube? Create new, low-budget shorts à la Lonely Girl, then leverage them as spinoffs for new TV series/movies when the strike ends? Or perhaps even better, come up with a Net-driven revenue model and leave the dinosaur conglomerates of Hollywood behind?"

For more, go here.

- Sujewa


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