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Mark Andreessen says long guild strikes & current web developments could lead to Hollywood being rebuilt in the shape of Silicon Valley

Check out the article here, very interesting.

Here is a lil' bit of it:

"This is not a difficult thing to envision. And in fact, it's already happening. Will Ferrell's Funny Or Die, in which I am a minority investor, is one early existence proof of this model. And there are a ton of other such new companies either already underway, or currently being incubated, or currently being negotiated."

Read the rest here.

Hollywood labor & owners/studios issues aside, the article has some ideas that can apply to the independent film world RIGHT NOW, specially those of us who are slanted towards the DIY/real indie side of things; those of us interested in owning our creations, having final say on how our movies are made at each stage of production & controling the distribution of same.

- Sujewa


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