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New Indie Film Movements waiting to happen?

As some commentators believe at the moment, the Mumblecore film movement is over. So what's next, American indie film movements wise ('cause it's fun - at times - to read about low budget indie film movements)? Here are some possibilities - possible ways to organize new indie films, makers, & market them as film movements:

1. The Elderly In Indie Film film movement; lots of new indies are made by people in their 20's - 30's, featuring actors/friends in the same age group, so how about a group of low budget indie films that deal with the comedy & drama of being older - like about being in your 50's, 60's, 70's or so?

2. Hip Multi-Ethnic Suburban Non-Creative People film movement; I live in the suburbs and there is a lot of ethnic diversity out here (at least in the DC suburbs), and a lot of these people are not creative professionals or aspiring creatives but rather hold more traditional jobs (attorneys, bankers, teachers, etc.), and are pretty much fully on the getting married, having (or adopting) kids, buying houses, investing/building wealth path of American life. And they are also interested in music & movies & art & political activism & history, etc. How about a bunch of new indie movies about these kind of people?

3. Military Families indie film movement; There's a global war on, and a lot of people are directly affected by it - specially military families. How about a group of indie films exploring the various dimensions of the military family experience?

4. Disillusioned Democrats/Disillusioned Republicans - Political Rebirth indie film movement; young people get old and must deal with new realities & also old people are forced to re-evaluate their political stances as they encounter unexpected events in their lives or in the life of the nation. I think, specially right now, a group of indie films can be made about people having to re-evaluate their usual political leanings & affiliations. A sub-genre of this type of film could be about there not being enough serious choices when it comes to political parties.

So that's just 4 ideas, I am sure there are hundreds of interesting topics that could serve as the organizing ideas for new indie film movements. Something new indie filmmakers should look into.

- Sujewa


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