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Shooting Untilted NYC Comedy 9/15 - 11/15 & updates on the other 3 current projects

While the momentum thingy is happening (or while I think it's happening) & while I still don't mind being relatively poor & working hard, important things/film projects will get done in the coming weeks & months; an update:

- Date Number One DVD project: After 10 straight days of work I have this coming weekend off, I plan on fixing 2 sound issues & then creating the master DVD so that I can order some copies to sell starting later this month. This project is way overdue for completion & release (started it in 2004!), but that's cool, sometimes it goes like that.

- Indie Film Blogger Road Trip doc: Filming some final interviews the middle of next week, continuing with editing next weekend, should be completed at the end of this month/August. Then it'll be sent out to festivals.

- Actress: Script & some casting & some location selection work is happening. Official pre-production work will begin around 8/15, and I expect the film to be shot, in the DC area mostly, by 10/1. Editing after that, probably will have it completed by Jan 1 '09.

- untilted NYC comedy - Looks like I have a place to stay FT in NYC starting 9/15, so work on this project will begin around then; this is a relatively light & easy project as far as physical production is concerned; so I expect it to be shot by 11/15. Editing after that, I'd like to have the film edited/completed by 2/1/09.

All projects are feature length, in digital video, & are ultra-low budget.

So that's what I'll be doing for the rest of my summer, all of fall, & most of winter - most weekends & some night. On the bright side (or the brighter side, I guess making movies is its own reward) I should have 4 new features, all completed in '08 or early '09, in distribution (DNO on DVD & some screenings, other 3 movies at hopefully fest screenings or other screenings) by the middle of '09. And all of them available on DVD by late '09.

All projects made possible by DIY ultra-low budget production & self-distribution philosophies & methods devised, discussed & popularized by hundreds of filmmakers over the years, the generous & very significant/essential assistance of friends & supporters, & $s from day job work.

Pretty cool, pretty cool.

- Sujewa


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