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The 400 Blows, Down By Law Criterion DVDs - Used/Like New - for sale at Amazon

I just posted up 2 used - like new DVDs for sale at my Amazon store Wild Diner Films:

Down By Law - Criterion - $15

The 400 Blows - Criterion - $14.50

If you've been wanting to buy those DVDs, check out the links above.

I've been selling books, for work/the day job, for a couple of months now through Amazon and have been very impressed with the results. So now I will also be selling art, indie, foreign DVDs & related stuff & other media products (including my own DVDs - as soon as they are ready :) through Amazon. Just started my Amazon store, but should have a few interesting items there soon.

Update: 8:29 PM - both of the DVDs listed above sold today/within the first day that they were listed, so, I added a couple more used DVDs to my Amazon store: In Praise of Love by Godard - $9, and Van Sant's Drugstore Cowboy - $9.50. Looks like some items will sell fast on Amazon - way cool. Time to unpack all my boxes from the move (& also go shopping for new merchandise/new & used DVDs, etc.) & get some DVDs listed on Amazon!

- Sujewa


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