Sunday, October 26, 2008

My next fiction feature will cost $200K from script to DVD

So, moving a couple of steps away from "no" budget filmmaking on my next project - a fiction feature (the Actress story will be a part of it, overall the next feature is about several young travelers - without giving too much away before the script is done) - it will still be an ultra-low budget project but I would like the luxury of working on it full time so that I can 1) get it made very well, and 2) not take forever to make it (having a FT job doing something else for $s & then making films on the side results in the films taking a long time to finish).

I do not think it will be too difficult to raise $200K. That's 1000 sources providing $200 each or 200 sources providing $1000 each, or some other combination similar to those formulas.

One of the up sides of having a $200K budget will be that I will be able to pay everyone who works on the movie, and not be in personal debt by the time the film is completed.

The $200K budget includes making & marketing a significant amount of DVDs of the movie.

More on this movie as things happen. I am considering this generally as my 2009 Project #1. Much of it will be filmed in Brooklyn.

- Sujewa

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