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Glenn Kenny Is Just Not That Into Joe Swanberg Movies

Actually, it's more like Kenny vs. Swanberg movies, but anyway - Glenn Kenny articulates why he is not a fan of Joe Swanberg's movies at Some Came Running.


coffee said…
the two Jennifers (Aniston and Connelly) make a great team (visually at the very least)
The Sujewa said…
coffee, i had to search for like 15 mins. to figure out what you were talking about :) - i have not seen the movie He's Not That Into You (apparently the two actors mentioned are in it) nor will I ever see it (if I can help it :), but, I just used a variation of the title for this post 'cause I thought it was funny.
However, I am glad you enjoyed HJNTIY. & your coffee blog looks cool.

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