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Link to Chuck Tryon's frequently revisited notes on Indie Film Blogger Road Trip

Interesting (& somewhat amusing - in a very positive way) to observe Chuck's attempts to deal with & come to a final conclusion about a doc (Indie Film Blogger Road Trip) in which he is a subject. A good post to check out for people active in the media world - 'cause there are often several competing professional & social interests at play when we deal with movies, other media makers & institutions, & we ultimately have to try to navigate & find (hopefully) the best (beneficial to society at large or various communities that we are a part of & also self) route to get through the opportunities/demands that we face. So, check out Chuck working through such a situation here. From the post, the latest 2 updates:

"Update 2: After a private conversation with a friend, I want to re-reconsider some of these comments. I still think the film needs work, and my understanding is that Sujewa is working on a stronger cut of the film (one that would address their complaints about the music, for example). As this person pointed out, the reviews, Campbell’s in particular, suggest that the writers found the film’s topic uninteresting, and that’s not a valid reason by itself for criticizing the film. But as I review (and re-review) my own comments, they sound wrongly, unnecessarily harsh, and I think that grows out of not really knowing what would be an appropriate approach to the film. I think that some of my comments about IFBRT may, in fact, be masking some form of self-critique about how blog reviews function, especially within a relatively narrow circle of readers and writers.

Update 2.5: Sujewa has responded to many of Campbell’s complaints in a blog post of his own and raises a number of valid points about the goals of the film. I’ll conclude by saying that while I think there are some stylistic problems, I probably overreacted in my original version of this post."

Read the rest of the post at The Chutry Experiment.

On a separate note, thanks a lot for making the trip all the way to NYC from NC for the premiere Chuck (& also for bringing 2 of your non-industry relatives to the show, who seemed to enjoy the doc & one even participated in the post screening Q & A). Your blog has focused well on several aspects of the existing & emerging film & media making field, including on work by new filmmakers - that & the fact that you are a part of the academic world that deals with film & media is the main reason that you are a part of IFBRT (as far as I recall you are the only academic in the doc). Or, TCE is a good/useful read for indie filmmakers - often a unique, well thought out voice - so having you in the doc brings an important & essential (a perspective closely connected to the academic world of media) ingredient to a film that deals with a new field of creative activity related to film & media making. Even though not much about your work - specific blog posts - are discussed in the doc, filmmakers may discover your blog & work through the doc/by meeting you at the doc & in turn may benefit from reading your blog & other writings. Also, your segment in IFBRT can remind the audience about the very important role blogs play in keeping people who do not live in major cities connected to the day to day/social/behind the scenes going-ons of the film scenes in major cities - access to the "unofficial" film culture that is essential in determining what the "official" film culture will be/who gets to participate in it.

- Sujewa


Chuck said…
Thanks for taking my criticism of the film in the spirit that it was intended, and yes, there are a lot of challenges when writing in such a small circle.

Thanks also for the kind words about the blog.

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