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Moving Pictures Move Out of New York article link

Check out Moving Pictures Move Out of New York article for an easy-to-follow overview of the incredibly successful NY film production credit program (resulted in "$92.2 million given in tax credits, $546.1 million were received in tax collections—a net profit of $453.9 million" for the State) and it's current status - out of money, & film jobs leaving the state in large numbers.

The article also talks about people who are working to improve the situation:

"Aside from letters to the governor and public statements made by Assemblyman Gianaris, Senator Lanza, and State Senator George Onorato, none of our politicians seems to be doing much of anything. “The issue has fallen on deaf ears,” says Alex Zablocki. “I’m disappointed that more elected officials haven’t jumped on this.” Fortunately Mr. Zablocki, who is running for public advocate in November, created a Facebook group and teamed up with Derek Yip who started the online petition. This one-man awareness campaign, ginned up on a BlackBerry, sprung up over the past two weeks. The online petition has over 11,000 signatures and the number is growing."

Read the rest of the article at Moving Pictures Move Out of New York.

Thanks Truly Free Film for the link.

- Sujewa


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