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new focus for the new year AKA re: title change of blog

so, i did some thinking & note-making last night & it looks like i may be able to not only release both Date Number One & Indie Film Blogger Road Trip this year but also make & release two new features (one tentatively titled Brooklyn Movie, starring Susan Buice & Kami Locklear & others, & at least one more movie - untitled at present). part of this year long project is to gracefully & painlessly transition from absolutely having to work a day job in order to make & distribute movies to working a day job being only an optional thing & the d.i.y. film production & distribution becoming more than self-sufficient financially/turning into a paid job type thing. so we'll see how it goes. as always, it's not about making it in hollywood or indiewood or even festwood (the indie film festival scene), but making & selling & showing my movies to interested customers & other audience members & doing it well - completely on my own terms or terms mutually acceptable & beneficial to me & my business & creative partners. things are coming together well - after many years of work & network building - nyc, md/dc love & support from my d.i.y. filmmaker & other filmmaker & blogger friends are gonna make it possible for me to make & make available to viewers 4 features in '09 & hopefully not lose money doing it. like i said, we'll see how it goes. it looks good at the moment. regardless of what happens it'll be noted on this blog for the next 10 months or so to come.

so this is why the title of the blog changed from diy filmmaker sujewa to 4 x 2009 - so that it will be a daily reminder for me to get the necessary work done to achieve the big goals for '09.

- sujewa


1Way or Another said…
Sounds exciting Sujewa! Good plan1 Please keep us posted as to how it turns out. We'll be following the same path, and filmmakers making money to live off of on their own terms is definitely a great thing to acheive. Keep the net world informed! Congrats!
The Sujewa said…
Well, I lead a pretty low-cost life, so I don't think it'll be that difficult to finance that purely or largely from DVD sales, etc. However, I think I'll always keep other/PT revenue streams going 'cause it's a good idea - you never know how things will go w/ movies & $s - it is a gamble. But $s aside, I like getting movies done & getting them out.
And if that requires me working another job/a job to make it happen, cool - worth the effort.
1Way or Another said…
Well money aside, congrats on the plan! Good luck with it!

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