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Order of blogs starting 2/18/09

So, Indie Film Blogger Road Trip premieres on Tue 2/17, and the next day, Wed 2/18, I start prepping to shoot the next feature - a comedy which goes by the name Brooklyn Movie at the moment. Brooklyn Movie films in March.

End of DIY Film History and the Next Blog

Of course activity in the DIY film world will never end (as long as there are people around to see movies and as long as movies remain a relevant art/entertainment form) but I think major methods & models in which ultra-indie filmmakers operate have largely been established (& talked about quite a bit on this blog over the last couple of years): from self & investor funded, film festival & distributor supported projects (a few indie movies these days, most get to the festival submission stage & then disappear) to largely self-funded/day job funded with some investor $s/grants/donations & self-distributed projects (pretty much what I do, plus many others do the same thing now or will soon be doing the same thing). The next major variation I see is DIY movies that never screen at festivals or DIY screenings & do not get sold on DVDs but get sold directly to the end users/customers over the web - and that day is probably not too far off. Anyway, I'll let someone else follow the new trends on a daily basis on their DIY filmmaking blogs, as for me:

Starting 2/18 here's where I'll be blogging & how often:

1 - Wild Diner Films blog - as WDF production & distribution related news needs to be released - probably a couple of times a week
2 - Project blogs such as Date Number One, Indie Film Blogger Road Trip, Brooklyn Movie as news re: each project happens - probably a couple of times a week
3 - Posting at least once a week blogs: DIY Film News, Beyond Mumblecore & any other filmmaker community & history oriented blogs
4 - And this blog - DIY Filmmaker - when necessary - to point to posts on the other blogs OR to write about things that are beyond the concern of other blogs & are relevant to DIY indie filmmaking (or anything else that I want to talk about here, this is a good forum for wider distribution of ideas since this blog gets carried on indieWIRE) - probably a couple of times a week
5 - Other, non-film, blogs - such as Positive Humans, Sri Lanka blog, etc. - writing in them as necessary - maybe a couple of times a month

So, starting 2/18 I'll be blogging less & when I do blog it'll be mostly about the film I am working on at that moment.

The plan this year is to try to complete & release at least 4 features - with the IFBRT premiere on 2/17 & DVD soon after + Date Number One DVD release in late February I'll have 2 features down & at least 2 to go for '09.

Once I get on a roll with at least 4 features a year starting with this year, hopefully I can stick to that pace forever. More filmmaking & distribution, less blogging - the old dream :) - it may become the reality this year. No, WILL become the reality this year.

- Sujewa


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