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!Podcast! - Sergio Mims (Black Harvest Film Fest), Sujewa Ekanayake (Indie Film Blogger Road Trip), & hosts Obenson & Wilson

We had a couple of minutes of technical difficulties today when host Tambay Obenson's call dropped out & then I got off the show to call back & co-host Brandon Wilson had to carry the show all by himself while Tambay & I came back on the show - but anyway, that bit of unexpected excitement aside - a pretty solid show - here's the official description from The Obenson Report:

"Podcast #43 . TRT: 60 Minutes . Episode Notes: Brandon Wilson ( and I spent the hour talking to Sergio Mims, co-founder of the Black Harvest Film Festival (celebrating its 15th year), and Sujewa Ekanayake, writer/director of Date Number one and Indie Film Blogger Road Trip, as well as editor of"

Check out the podcast at The Obenson Report.

Thanks Tambay & Brandon for having me on the show to promote D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself)filmmaking & self-distribution as well as the upcoming screening of Date Number One (2/13, Bed-Stuy) & the World Premiere of Indie Film Blogger Road Trip (2/17, Manhattan). Once again, the podcast link - check it out!

- Sujewa


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