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Friday, February 13, 2009

Showing your movie at a new Brooklyn art gallery to an interested audience is a lot more fun than reading blogs argue Mumblecore

If spending many minutes at a time reading people attack & defend Mumblecore in various blogs, also contributing to the same discussion, is - on the diy filmmaker fun scale - a 1.5 (out of 10), then showing your movie at a new Brooklyn art gallery (where some people come out to see a previously unheard of movie on a Friday night) is at least an 8, maybe a 9.


The gallery - Aeon Logic - is four months old and is experimenting with showing movies. Actually today's DNO screening was experiment 1 & it was a success according to the gallery owner Rachael Afolabi (also I agree that it was a success - we ran out of good chairs - granted, there was only about 9 chairs (a new batch of chairs are on order), but I was expecting about 6 people at this relatively under-publicized event at a new screening location (i spent most of my publicity work energy on the IFBRT premiere on 2/17, the more important of the two screening this month) - overall the flick had about 13 or so audience members tonight, the space is very small - may perhaps hold 30 chairs total for a good viewing arrangement for film screenings). I plan on doing more small screening events at Aeon Logic.

The next event is a big event, at Anthology - I think everyone who reads this blog knows about it, but, for you newcomers - IFBRT premiere at AFA on 2/17! - be there! bring your favorite blogger! blog about it before, during (if you can do it in absolute silence), & after.

I definitely need to shave. Here comes the photos. No time to label them, too busy eating un-healthy spicy chicken wings from a cheap Chinese carry-out on Broadway - after which I gotta get busy with the final round of 2/17 show promo & event prep. Enjoy the pics, see ya at my next screening event, & or see ya the next Aeon Logic screening I do (i'll probably do a lot of small diy screenings in nyc this year, also big screenings when venue, project, etc. line up right :: if anyone wants to hire me to organize/produce/promote their small diy screenings - or large screenings - in nyc, let me know, i'll do it at prices affordable to d.i.y./indie filmmakers).


And now, the photos!

('09 nyc screening #1 is done!, we're blasting off NASA (on their good years) style - many more nyc & elsewhere screenings this year, hopefully)

- Sujewa


1Way or Another said...

Sujewa, I think the rugged, DIY filmmaker look is becoming, especially in this weather. Don't worry too much about the extra stubble, I like it. Congrats on a good screening! See you on the 17th.

The Sujewa said...

i look like i just came down the mountain to see what the city folks are up to :)

see ya on the 17th.

- S



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