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So, how many 2000's no budget/real indie movies have grosses over 1 million $s so far?

I have the sneaking suspicion that even though most real indie/DV/ultra-low budget filmmakers from this decade are not rich that their work may have, over the course of a few years, earned or brought in - for various entities & individuals, over $1 million - in some cases.

What's $1 million anyway? That's 100,000 people spending $10 each on a movie. This could have happened through film festival screenings, DVD purchases, streaming/web VOD purchases, cable on-demand purchases, and other revenue generating distribution methods.

Do you think your real indie film that was made & released in this decade has been seen by one or few hundred thousand paying customers (paying through any sales environment - festivals, DVD purchase, etc.) so far? If so, let us know in comments.

If it hasn't happened yet, I don't think the day is far off when a under $5K - $20K or so no star DV or HD feature ends up generating over $1 million in revenue through all of the many avenues available for selling indie movies to interested customers - festivals, web, cable, DVD, theatrical, etc. - including revenues generated through ads placed on free web offerings of the work.

Instead of worrying about making Hollywood money from real indie features, we should think about trying to make great small business money from our work. And I think most small businesses would be thrilled with a product/service that brings in $1 million or over during the course of a few years.

- Sujewa


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