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Some positive notes about Indie Film Blogger Road Trip & last night's premiere event - at One Way Community blog

Two people who I consider to be the type of people who are a part of the target audience for IFBRT were at the flick's premiere last night: Princeton Holt - filmmaker/blogger, & Ryan Balas - also another filmmaker/blogger. The two are also very interested in DIY media making & distribution (& not just interested-but-waiting-around-for-a-Hollywood-payday as some inactive filmmakers/active bloggers I know, but in the middle of making & distributing several features & figuring out better ways to get the work done & out, create publicity, etc.). Here are some of their reactions to the event & the film itself, from One Way Community blog:

"The film overall was informative, and I found myself literally taking notes of some of the film bloggers names who from their interviews, sounded like good people to read and to possibly send copies of our films to for review. An interview can be considered a successful one, if the viewer or listener takes notes from what he or she perceives about the subject's tastes, etc, and furthermore, seeks out that subject to initiate a discussion - or in our case, even solicit a review about a film or two in our growing catalog.

Self serving? Well yeah, thats the point. Bloggers are self serving too - and as we saw in IFBRT, get the same rush out of their reader hit count as actors seeing themselves on screen for the first time, or that filmmakers get when their film is projected in a dark theatre before an audience. I also found it refreshing to see the personal side of some of these people - to be able to put faces to the writing, and get an overall sense of what drives them to write."


"... what we found about the film, was not only a new and daring (and some might say unsuccessful) way to make a documentary film - which is essentially to make it a conversation as opposed to talking heads giving you information - was that it took us behind the scenes of some of the lives and thoughts of our favorite bloggers. That in itself, is an achievement."

Read the rest of the post at One Way Community blog.

- Sujewa


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