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What's your strategy for ending poverty on Earth? Next conversational doc project

I liked doing Indie Film Blogger Road Trip between the more demanding fiction features (DNO in '04 -'06/'08 & untitled Brooklyn movie in spring '09). Met some interesting people, learned a few things by making IFBRT. So, I have an idea for another conversational doc (there is no narrative - or at least not a classical narrative in these docs, it will just be me talking to people about a subject for 90 mins. or so) - will shoot it after Brooklyn movie is edited, starting this summer, before I shoot the next fiction feature in the fall (this "global anti-poverty plan" doc need not be finished in the summer, maybe by the end of the year).

Since we have some very old, large, concerned-with-well-being-of-people institutions on this planet, also large & capable organizations such as non-profits & militaries, I'd like to know if they have a plan for ending poverty on Earth - mainly because:

- poverty can be evil - or, desperate people will do desperate things in order to survive
- poverty can be a security threat - lack of money can lead to lack of governments or inadequate governments which can lead to warlords, militias, civil wars, pirates, etc.

I plan on speaking with representatives of all the major religions, also non-religious but concerned with ethics & behavior/secular orgs like Humanists, and reps of non-profit/humanitarian activist organizations, governments (a few), definitely US gov reps, and hopefully US military reps. Will shoot the doc in NYC & DC.

Should be interesting. Maybe I'll learn some useful things. If you have some ideas re: ending poverty on Earth to contribute to this doc, let me know.

- Sujewa


Angelo Bell said…
Poverty can be ended if we transferred 1/50th of the wealth of the wealthiest people on earth to impoverished nations. give these folks a tax incentive, and used the money to educate and build up 3rd world countries

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