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2000 some blog entries later

Over the last few years - starting in '04 - I've done quite a bit with blogs: posted over 2,000 entries, made new friends, made a doc about blogging (screened it in NYC & made it a part of the recent Atlanta Film Festival) & learned a little about engineering & managing indie film publicity. Now I plan on applying a similar productive approach to making & distributing indie movies - less blogging, more film work in its place.

So, in that spirit, coming very soon (working on these items now, should be up on the web w/in the next 7 days):

- All of Indie Film Blogger Road Trip to Vimeo, Blip.TV, & YouTube in episodes.

- All of Date Number One on Vimeo in several parts.

- Both movies available in their entirety with the help of a new e-commerce solution for indie filmmakers that's in its beta phase - for those who want to contribute some $s towards the projects & or do not want to see the movies as separate episodes.

- The same "new/experimental solution" will offer the movies as on-demand DVDs for a low price - for those who want the movies in that format.

[The DNO DVDs made through DiscMakers are also on the way - should be ready to ship those out in mid-May, - those will be marketed to a wider audience, beyond the blogosphere/web]


It's easier to blog than to make & distribute movies (but ultimately filmmaking & distribution is far more rewarding for me), so hopefully I can bring a similar level of high productivity to filmmaking & distribution over the next few years that I brought to blogging over the last four plus years.

- Sujewa




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You can do it. Since you have built up a nice group of contacts through your blogging, it may help with your distribution efforts, or at least help with the whole filmmaking process,as you can turn to your new friends and contacts for help with things like casting, locations, post-production, etc.

I have a feature film that I have been wanting to make for a few years now and it's come to a point now, where I am like "This MUST be made!" and I have other short projects that are in the pre-production stage or the distribution stage and it's been really slow since 2008 to get these things moving along. I kind of fell into the blogging thing more because I was already writing other kinds of literary material for web and print media so the blogging thing just merged right into that.

If we can find a balance between blogging and moviemaking, it will be awesome!!!

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