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Alain Cavalier interview link

An interview with French filmmaker Alain Cavalier, at blog. From the interview:

"You studied at IDHEC. What led you to move away from “traditional” narration to a purer style today?

It’s the mental path you take when you’ve used a tool in a certain way, and suddenly you try something else. The narrative, the script, predictability, shooting the film, actors who take charge of their emotions, the crew, the production, the cost, our economic relationship with the world… freedom is strictly economic. All of that mixes together and eventually, with lighter and more refined equipment and tools, you manage to better define the scope of your work and avoid certain conventions you used to take pleasure in using. You don’t disown them, but they just don’t fuel you anymore. They don’t inspire you. And you sort of have the illusion of renewing yourself, that you’re following the successive metamorphoses of your life, and so are your films."

Read the rest of the interview at

- Sujewa


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