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Amy Taubin & Gus Van Sant talk about Warhol

At Sight & Sound (August 2007). From the article:

"Didn't you once write a script about Warhol?

Right after Drugstore Cowboy in 1989 Universal asked Paul Bartel and me to write a script about him. We visited the Factory and met his business manager and executor Fred Hughes, who was in his office in his wheelchair. The only painting on the wall was a Warhol Electric Chair. Fred wanted to know why on earth we were going to make a film about 'him' because 'he' was the least interesting person on the planet. We handed in the script to Universal, and they said, 'No thanks'."

Read the rest of the conversation at Sight & Sound.

And this is another post for the DIY Filmmaker Andy Warhol Weekend blog-a-thon.

- Sujewa


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