Monday, April 06, 2009

Both new movies about film journalism are a part of Atlanta Film Festival '09

The first movie - doc - about film journalism to play this year was my Indie Film Blogger Road Trip - which premiered in NYC in mid-February. IFBRT is focused primarily on indie film blogging - an activity practiced at close to the current level of hyper-productivity for probably only about 5 or so years thus far (perhaps over 5, less than 10 I think). The other movie about film journalism, featuring more established film journalists who have worked in various platforms (print & now web & print, also TV) for decades, Gerald Peary's For The Love of Movies, premiered at SXSW in March. Both movies are part of Atlanta Film Festival - happening in April (IFBRT will be available to view from the ATLFF site before 4/18 [will post when the film is up on the site] & I will be at the fest on 4/18 to participate in a discussion on film criticism, FTLOM will be screening at the fest on 4/18 - info here). Here's the trailer to For The Love of Movies & the opening 9 minutes from Indie Film Blogger Road Trip:

- Sujewa

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