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Brody vs. Scott & Neo Neo-Realism

It's a good thing David Hudson is around, 'cause I missed this very interesting discussion/argument between Richard Brody & A. O. Scott when it happened a few days ago (from The Daily):

"Richard Brody's dust-up with AO Scott over the New York Times critic's notion of "Neo Neo-Realism" in recent American independent cinema - here's Scott's original piece; Brody's response; then, Scott; then, Brody"

See the original post at The Daily about this item here. Follow the links, check out the comments, good discussion re: several recent indie films & a way of telling stories in movies.

I wonder if The Office or Battlestar Galactica (the new/re-imagined series) could be considered emotionally neo-realist, even though they take place in universes far removed from the real world. I am more interested in seeing art/entertainment like those two TV shows than the neo neo-realist movies that Scott eloquently wrote about in his article about the new indie film trend. I guess at the moment I like somewhat escapist entertainment that also does not fully abandon the troubles/problems of the real world. But I do plan on getting caught up on most of the titles Scott wrote about in his article soon - watching some of those movies sounds like work, but it might be worth it in the end.

- Sujewa


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