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DIY Filmmaker Andy Warhol Weekend

Things are kind of dull & gray in the real indie blog world (the world of blogs that cover real indie films - which is made up of like 4 blogs i think :), so, this weekend is a good one to do some posts about a well known, sometimes hated (his films are sometimes hated is what I mean), controversial in his time & maybe still DIY filmmaker - Andy Warhol. Quality of his movies aside, as an interesting element of the recent & relevant past both Warhol & his films (& the methods by which he made & distributed them - not unlike the methods used by contemporary DIY filmmakers - self funding, using friends as actors, self-distribution - to mention just a few shared traits) are important. Anyway, to kick things off the right way, here is a little bit from a gushing note from a Warhol fan (note is about Warhol art overall, not specifically his films, but we'll use it anyway - I like the tone) - from Zing Magazine's article Andy Warhol: Taidehalli * Helsinki, Finland by Spencer Finch:

"This show served only to reinforce my conviction that Andy Warhol is the Big Bang for all that is interesting in contemporary art. His influence on major stars such as Nauman, Richter, and Sherman is undeniable and just increases the more you think about it. But also scores of other artists, working in modes ranging from process art to painting to video, all bear the mark of his contribution. And this contribution solidifies not only the importance of Warhol but also the preeminent role of American culture in this century. I stepped out into the streets of Helsinki feeling myself transformed into some sort of flag-waving lunatic, deliriously proud of American culture. That is because Warhol's production encompasses everything that can be great about American culture: fierce intelligence and independence, formal and technical verve and innovation, shockingly resonant subject matter, and a transgressive spirit that rages against the hegemonic hypocrisy while simultaneously opening up entirely new aesthetic vistas. "

Read the rest of the article at Zing Magazine.

- Sujewa


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