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Dueling videos re: serving in the military vs. evading the truth

The videos are specifically about serving in the Israeli military vs. conscientious objectors - but outside of that limited context the videos are dealing with an important universal human issue - the obligation to the nation vs. obligation to the individual's sense of right & wrong (or just not wanting to kill other humans & or get killed). I think both videos make their point well/each is a great propaganda tool/device for their respective perspectives - check them out at this Sepia Mutiny post.

(ultimately, i think, it is nearly impossible to have a country w/ out having a good military or just a military period, so hopefully enough talented & driven people will find their sense of right & wrong to be compatible with military service so that nations can exist - at least until we all collectively decide to give up war in like ten thousand years or so :) - that's what i think about this issue at the moment)

- Sujewa


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