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Hustlers, not Mumblers

Aymar Jean Christian disagrees with the image of his generational peers created by Mumblecore movies, at Spilce Today.

[That's hustlers as in people who are busy trying to get stuff done, not sex workers (i guess that meaning of the term hustler is more of a 60's or 70's thing)]

From the article:

"Why do I care about a tiny indie film few people have ever seen? Because the critical establishment—old people—seems to think this is an accurate portrait of my generation. A small bunch of films have followed in Funny Ha Ha's footsteps, in a genre often called "mumblecore"—after each character's general inability to communicate—or "Slackavetes" (after John Cassavetes) or "bedhead cinema." The genre's directors—Ry Russo-Young, the Duplass Brothers, Joe Swanberg, Aaron Katz, among a few others—paint similar portraits of an ineffective, urban, over-educated youth who don't know who the hell they are and have little idea where they are headed. They are the arty cousins to the stoner films of Judd Apatow."

Read the rest of the article at Splice Today.

Thanks One Way Community blog for the link.


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