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IFBRT & DNO availability update

- Indie Film Blogger Road Trip (2009):

Indie Film Blogger Road Trip will be available to view through Atlanta Film Festival's site at some point before 4/18. Will post a note when IFBRT is on the ATLFF site.

IFBRT will also be available to view through Blip.TV starting in May.

Also, anyone who wants to buy a homemade DVD of IFBRT can send me a check or money order for $10 (make it out to Sujewa Ekanayake) to:

Wild Diner Films
10408 Montgomery Ave.
Kensington, MD 20895

(mail will be forwarded to Brooklyn eventually, but I am still working in both MD & NYC, so the MD address is still good/will always be good due to forward). At some point before the middle of this year I should have some factory made IFBRT DVDs for sale.

Date Number One (2006, 2008):

The Date Number One DVD will FINALLY be available for purchase in early May (it was worth the wait, the current cut is far better than the one that premiered in May of '06). Will post up more info. on buying that DVD once the retail DVDs are actually in my possession.


Earlier features Capital Heartbreak & Sweetness: 17 DC Poets (2002) & Wild Diner (1999) will most likely be made available on the web & or on DVDs (possible extra items) this year.

There are a couple of shorts that I need to make available - Fresh Coffee (1992), & a couple of yet unedited shorts - all those will be available online or on DVDs this year.

Will be updating before the middle of this year with info. & links on every one of my movies (including info. on where you can watch or buy each film).


Next feature - Brooklyn Fantastic - should be heading out to film festivals this fall for early 2010 play.


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