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Indie Film Blogger Road Trip episode 1 on Visiting Obenson & Harris in Brooklyn


[If the embed above did not work, check out Episode 1 of Indie Film Blogger Road Trip at Blip.TV here]

In this segment of Indie Film Blogger Road Trip we are introduced to film journalist Anthony Kaufman - he talks about a career breakthrough moment. Following the opening titles, filmmaker Sujewa Ekanayake introduces the project, explains why a documentary about indie film bloggers was made. The first bloggers that we visit in our road trip are Brooklyn, New York based Tambay Obenson (The Obenson Report) & Brandon Harris (Cinema Echo Chamber). Some of the subjects discussed in that first visit to Brooklyn include: networking & Black film blogs, one African-American indie filmmaker's reaction to the first major wave of publicity regarding the Mumblecore "film movement", digital filmmaking & its effect on minority filmmaking, the film "I'm Through With White Girls" & marketing challenges faced by some movies by African-American directors, and the overall nature of the film blogger community - the question of whether it is an actual community in a traditional sense is asked. Segment ends on the road in North Carolina, where the next segment takes place.

Music By Kevin MacLeod

Indie Film Blogger Road Trip Copyright 2009 Sujewa Ekanayake/Wild Diner Films


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