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Interview with The Limits of Control producers Stacey Smith and Gretchen McGowan

From Static Multimedia. Here's a taste:

"How much of a logistical challenge was it, making this movie in Spain?

Gretchen McGowan: We were north and south, east and west - nearly everywhere except Barcelona. I've worked in some challenging locations including Jordan, Vietnam, and Costa Rica. But our production services company, the Madrid-based Calle Cruzada, helped to make these country-wide company moves seamless and they assembled an excellent crew for each location.

Stacey Smith: It was the most logistically challenging of Jim's films that I've worked on; they tend to be more contained, and less populated. We don't tend to go shoot in airports and train stations, nor do we usually have a helicopter, in a Jim Jarmusch film. [laughs] That was a surreal day.

GM: It was the only black helicopter in all of Spain; we had to fly it down from Basque country."

Read the rest of the interview at Static Multimedia.


Anonymous said…
check out this interview with the film's star

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