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Met some good people, had great conversations, saw Moon at ATLFF - photos, links, & notes soon

On my way back from the Atlanta Film Festival at the moment - had a great time at the ATLFF on Saturday, The State of Film Criticism Coffeehouse Conversation went really well (the hour flew by, event was well attended, great audience & panel & moderator) - learned some things, met some great people - ATLFF taped the discussion so we may see it up on the web at some point. Photos & more notes, & links, from my visit to Atlanta later today.

Saw Moon at ATLFF, really good movie - links, clips, & notes soon.

Also met up with We Fun team & Buster team - more on those films soon.

Special thanks to Noralil for being an awesome host & Team ATLFF for creating a great film festival.

- Sujewa


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