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Neo-Neo Realism vs. Mumblecore

Well, Marshal Fine's article is the first that I've seen by a critic that is not ecstatic about Goodbye Solo, and, AND, he says he finds Mumblecore movies more interesting than Neo-Neo Realist movies. Here is the controversial paragraph:

"But that's a trademark of this neo-neo-realism. These movies are not about much of anything; no one says much of anything; and no one does much of anything. Say what you will about the so-called mumblecore school of filmmaking - with its slapdash aesthetic and endless self-regarding conversations - but at least those movies seem to have something on their minds, beyond creating a mood."

Read the rest of Fine's article at Huffington Post.

This is April Fool's Day, so, there is the possibility that Fine's article is less than sincere.

- Sujewa


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