Monday, April 06, 2009

Post-DIY, Update on 4 x 2009 project


Since I am working with the Atlanta Film Festival (a large outside entity with greater access to marketing, publicity, etc.) to promote & grow the audience for Indie Film Blogger Road Trip I think my pure DIY days (completely self-reliant, using only resources immediately available to me for production & distribution) are over. But the general DIY approach - including having full creative control on projects (as much as possible in the collaborative medium that is film) & having ultimate ownership of my projects - will continue for all of my film projects - so at present my filmmaking & distribution practices are Post-DIY: heavily influenced by DIY practices but also working with outside entities as necessary. Since it is probably impossible at this point to change the diyfilmmaker blog address for this blog - my most used & read blog - I'll just keep things as they are for the URL but I changed the title of the blog from DIY Filmmaker Sujewa to Filmmaker Sujewa to reflect the current state of things where I am collaborating with outside organizations to promote my work.


Update on 4 x 2009 Project

Looks like I'll be able to complete the 4 x 2009 project (making & releasing 4 films in 2009) & may even be able to exceed that goal: Indie Film Blogger Road Trip & Date Number One are done & are being made available to interested audience members within the next 30 days (IFBRT through the web - from ATLFF & then Blip.TV & also on DVD, DNO on DVD), Brooklyn Fantastic is in production & I should be able to start submitting it to film festivals this Fall, and I've started work on the Breakfast In New York script - which I plan on shooting immediately after BF filming is completed & I plan on having BINY completed/being submitted to film festivals before the end of this year. There may also be DIY screenings for BF & BINY before the end of this year. On top of those 4 projects I've started filming material for my new doc The Sri Lankans In America - since we are only in early April at the moment I may be able to shoot & edit that doc this year, if not it will finish early-mid next year.

- Sujewa

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