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Roundtable Discussion on Self-Distribution

At BRAINTRUSTdv. Featuring Angelo Bell, Amir Motlagh & others.


I'll try and check this out when I get some time but I stopped by to let you know that I just checked out the radio interview you did with Obenson Report and it was cool!.
Sujewa, I thought that you participated in this roundtable and thought it was a video. Now that I've come back to check it out, turns out that it's a long, long article. I've read a few stuff but man, it's so long, lol.

Now, I'm starting to appreciate online video for what it is because at least there are things to watch and listen to instead of reading all day long. I love books but am not keen on reading long pages on the internet. It's something about having to stare at a computer and on one single web page for a long time just annoys me.

Everyone is talking about finding new ways to distribute films. I say...we should do what is best for us or what is best for the film. Some filmmakers want to give their work away like Reid Gershbein and invite people to donate or pay for the work if they like it. That method can work but there are other filmmakers who would prefer to have a return on their investment or at least be able to pay back people who may have helped to finance their work, so the free film giveaway thing just does not work in all circumstances.

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