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Badass Bloggers 2009 list at Madlab Post :: Somewhat related - very interesting little visit to the Angelika today

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Which reminds me, I wanted to see what was playing at the Angelika theater in Manhattan today (technically yesterday - 6/9 Tue PM), walked in, & there was some kind of a premiere event or a promo/special screening event happening there (several photographers & a couple of video crews taking photos & video of a bunch of well dressed people). I asked a nearby person about what was going on, & he said it was an event for a doc called Food, Inc. There were several well dressed model type ladies there, plus dudes wearing interesting suits & shoes (i think i saw some yellow snake skin pattern loafers on one dude, i guess a film event is a great opportunity to break out such shoes :) - & the person I talked with said that the big players (not exact term) in the NYC food scene were at the event (i think that's a good thing, my relationship to that scene ends at occasionally eating at restaurants :), so I do not know much about that scene - yet). And then I talked with the new acquaintance some more & turns out dude is a filmmaker, & will be doing a rather expensive premiere for a short film of his this summer in NYC (more on that soon). Also he's into film blogs, so I told him about my doc about film blogs - and then we proceeded to try to figure out how to make good use of the new found resources (filmmaking & publicity resources that we knew about/had access to) for our respective projects. I think the point of this little story is: interesting events are happening all the time in NYC/walk around a bit in Manhattan & you may run into one, & some filmmakers are still very much into blogs & find them useful.



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