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An Electoral Coup in Iran post, other links re: possible election fraud in Iran

From Abbas Djavadi's Iran & Beyond blog (thanks Filmmaker blog for the link):

"The “electoral coup,” as many in Iran interviewed by Radio Farda called it, has changed the face of the Islamic Republic. It has formalized the exclusion of still moderate clerics, founding fathers and technocrats of the Islamic Republic, and consolidated the rule of a new elite led by Revolutionary Guards, intelligence offices, and radical Islamists who feel to be well-represented by the Ahmadinejad leadership of the last four years. It is widely assumed that the coup cannot have happened with[out?] the clear approval by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei. As Supreme Leader, he is charged with protection of the Islamic Republic beyond all political groups and personalities. Khamenei has repeatedly said that a “truthful election with a high turnout” is the “clearest symbol of the system’s legitimacy.” Last night’s rigged vote count seems to have left that legitimacy in shatters."

Read the rest of the post at An Electoral Coup in Iran. Check out the comments too.

More Iran & possible/most likely election fraud links at The Daily.

Also, filmmaker James Longley reports from Iran, at Around the Block.

New York Times' Roger Cohen has a video update on the suspicious events related to the election.

Another video clip, from NBC news, on the NYT site re: the unprecedented (in recent years) outpouring of popular protest in Iran.

And an update from Washington Post.


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