Thursday, June 04, 2009

Link to article "The TRUTH about the SAG ultra low budget agreement"

I haven't really been tempted to go SAG for an ultra low budget indie movie in years, and it'll probably be a long time before I have to really worry about using SAG talent, but for those indie filmmakers who are contemplating that move for an upcoming project, this article might be worth reading. From the article (The TRUTH about the SAG Ultra Low Budget Agreement by John G. Thomas):

"So, like many filmmakers I was excited when I first heard about SAG’s attempt to cross the street and work with us. Actors for a hundred bucks a day, relaxation of all those silly rules and regulations, no first class airplane tickets for actors and more – heck the Ultra Low Budget Agreement seemed like a fantastic idea for productions budgeted less than 200K.

“SAGIndie,” as they’ve chosen to re-cast themselves, has even gone so far as to stage monthly “contract workshops” to cleverly “explain” the wonders of this new agreement to all comers.

With SAG, as always, the devil is in the details.

Paragraph 1 of the Ultra Low Budget agreement says, in part:

“It, (the Ultra Low agreement) is not intended for pictures produced for television broadcast, cable use, video/DVD markets or otherwise produced primarily for commercial exploitation.”

Translation: Go ahead and make your movie but you’re not supposed to sell it.

Well, that’s just great, huh? (Unless you’re making movies only to give a free copy to Uncle Harvey.) It’s what SAG doesn’t tell you in those oh-so informative workshops that’s most important."

Read the rest of the article here.

And if any SAG reps read this or the referenced article & want to discuss the issues addressed in that article, please do so in Comments.



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