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Reid Gershbein's sweet review of Indie Film Blogger Road Trip

The next superstar of the real indie film world - Reid Gershbein (he just finished his second feature & posted it on line, & is I believe getting ready to shoot a third feature soon, & already has a recognizable visual aesthetic of his own) - has seen Indie Film Blogger Road Trip. From Gershbein's review:

"Wow! I love this film and I think that people who are the a similar junction between film production, tweeting, blogging, press, film festivals, distribution, self-distribution, etc. will feel the same way. What Sujewa Ekanayake brilliantly captures in his film are the amazingly insightful, thoughtful, and passionate people who are navigating the wild west frontier brought on by the democratization of film criticism and the new digital world of independent cinema.

This film, like my favorite documentaries, conveys a real sense of the people behind the independent film bloggng movement, and it hits home so strongly for me because it articulately talks about the exact same concepts that are floating around in my head at this time. If you are someone who is tweeting or blogging about film, independent or mainstream, in anyway then this is a must-see film for you.

If you are someone who is involved in independent film and not involved in the blogging and social network communities, then this film will probably convince you to get online right away. As independent filmmakers know, it is a lonely and hard world out there if you don't have people and a community of like-minded people to talk to."

Read the rest of the review here.



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Congratulations on the review!!!!

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