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Secret park with an awesome view of Manhattan

Sunset Park is not really secret but I only discovered it after living in Brooklyn for about six months. The story: went to see an apartment in early May, it was an alright apartment, kinda smallish, then walked out & up the hill & walked into Sunset Park - sunny day, weekday I think, day time, not many people around, kinda chilly, but with a magnificent view of Manhattan (feels close enough to touch, if you had maybe 200 feet?, 500 feet? 2 miles? long arms). Took some photos from my not so high quality still camera, but to get the full effect of the park you have to go their physically. Closest subway is 45th Street on the R line (N late nights). So, yes, Sunset Park will definitely make an appearance in Brooklyn Fantastic. Oh, mainly because of the proximity to the park I took the apartment. The park adds a certain Maryland quality to the neighborhood, which I dig, 'cause the living is easy in MD/good memories, & w/ a lot of trees around & stuff. Nice to be able to get some of that green & sunshiney & easy flavor in NYC on a regular basis.



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That's a nice park, I agree. I find it fantastic that you are able to figure out the subway system because I still have difficulty figuring out how to get from A to B and always have to ask for directions at least four times before I am confident that I'm on the right train when I'm there.

The subway system and the maps are not always easy to understand and what's this about one train being the "route" unless it's later at night, which the "N" train will then become the route? How is a new visitor to NYC supposed to remember that? I hope that I can get it together one of these days.

Hey, I have an idea....we should collaborate on a NYC visitor's guide about the subway only. Turn that thing into a Doc or Instructional video and provide it to those who get lost trying to find their way around town. That would be super!

P.S. You're listed as one of the "Baddest" Bloggers of 2009! Check it out on my blog.
The Sujewa said…
A significant number of visitors do get lost in the subway & find themselves in PA or NJ days later. So, yeah, a doc about the subway system would be good (maybe one or several exists already?). I am still figuring out the subway system but the more you use it easier it gets - also, most stations have an attendant - so, u can just ask them, plus they have maps, plus most subway riders are friendly & they'll help you out.

Thanks for the mention on the blog, will check it out.

The signage at subway stops could be better - some are confusing, specially for visitors I think. Here I am thinking of getting lost at Canal St in my early days here.

Also, that line about people getting lost in the subway & ending up in NJ & PA, I made that up, not true as far as I know.

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