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Trailer for BANANAS! - doc about ill workers vs. Dole court case

BANANAS!* trailer from WG Film on Vimeo.
And here's the site for the movie.
Here's a post at the site about Dole & allies trying to stop the screening of the film at the upcoming Los Angeles Film Festival. The film & the court case accuses Dole of using banned pesticides in Nicaragua & harming workers, from the site:
"One of the pesticides, a DBCP-based compound called Nemagon, was banned in the USA in 1977 for causing male sterility. Standard Fruit—now Dole—continued to use the pesticide in its plantations outside the USA up to 1982."
Got the link from All These Wonderful Things.
UPDATE: LA Times article: Lawyer faces contempt charges in pesticide case against Dole




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This documentary looks incredible and powerful. There was another doc playing at IFC in new york called "food inc" that also looks interesting and touches on similar ideas.
As someone who have purchased maybe dozens of Dole products over the years, this would be film that would be good to check out so after it shows at the LA Fest (unless Dole and their "allies" you mentioned gets their argument to stop the screening granted), maybe it can be a good choice for VOD or DVD rentals or something.

I also read about that Food Inc movie briefly last month or in April but did not check that one out.

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