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SLOW ROMANCE movie (2020) color test video

Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

Blog Fade Out & Fade In

Videoblog entry re: sending tape via ravens, from star of upcoming sci-fi/slice of life 2 Week indie film The Screening

SGU looks a lot like BSG

Silent Ozu review at Cinematical

Beeswax looks as exciting as G.I. Joe

David Hudson is back

Controlling who gets to review the movie is half the battle

"Here, My Explosion", "The Dabbler" & director Reid Gershbein in Brooklyn Wed 8/26

Criterion's got an interesting "watch movie online for $5, get $5 off the same movie on DVD" deal

Jem Cohen's EMPIRES OF TIN w/ guest Jim Jarmusch: 8/11 at 7:30

A Manhattan Dog Park

Lexington Ave

Mural at Isabela's (near 44th St & 4th Ave, Brooklyn)

Window of Opportunity

Indie Film Blogger Road Trip