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Werewolf Ninja Philosopher trailer

Blog Fade Out & Fade In

After a couple of thousand posts, a Sujewa can get tired of a blog - so this blog is fading out - this is the last post here (thanks to all who read it & liked it), a new one - Local Group SE - is fading in - check it out here, see ya there.



Al Maiorino - Italian Genealogy, Public Strategy Group, & more!

Alfonse Maiorino

Al Maiorino Linkedin:
- Al Maiorino Energias renovables

Al Maiorino - Ceramic Industry article:

Al Maiorino - a Facebook post:

Dan Dubelman Productions…

Videoblog entry re: sending tape via ravens, from star of upcoming sci-fi/slice of life 2 Week indie film The Screening

Reid Gershbein, one of the founders of the 2 Week Film Project, will be in NYC around 8/26 for a screening, & several weeks ago I said I would make a 2 Week film in October, but since Reid will be here this month, I am moving my 2 Week film to August - will make the film during the last two weeks of this month. Working title is The Screening, and it is a sci-fi/slice of life film (possibly a drama, with some comedy) about a filmmaker from California who comes to NYC to show a movie & then experiences unusual events. This will get me ready to finish making Brooklyn Fantastic in September. Here's a little bit of The Screening star, recording a video from "the rainforest":


Alfonse Maiorino - Italian Genealogy, Public Strategy Group, & more! -

Blogger: User Profile: alfonse maiorino

Alfonse Maiorino/Al Maiorino

Alfonse Maiori…

SGU looks a lot like BSG

Silent Ozu review at Cinematical

Found both the DVD set (3 DVDs from Criterion) & Cinematical's review of the movies (here) today - check 'em out, looks very interesting - made in the late 1920's & early 30's - three films by Yasujiro Ozu - Tokyo Chorus, I Was Born, But..., & Passing Fancy. Adding them to my "watch soon" list - along with, as we all know - G.I. Joe :), Beeswax, & Season 6 of Stargate SG1. Also need to see Lake Tahoe.



Al Maiorino - Italian Genealogy, Public Strategy Group, & more!

Alfonse Maiorino

Al Maiorino Linkedin:
- Al Maiorino Energias renovables

Al Maiorino …

Controlling who gets to review the movie is half the battle

"Here, My Explosion", "The Dabbler" & director Reid Gershbein in Brooklyn Wed 8/26

Come check out 2 features & meet a prolific indie filmmaker (& he makes 'em fast - sometimes a feature in 2 weeks) at Aeon Logic gallery in Bed Stuy on Wed 8/26 night. All the info below:
"Here, My Explosion..." & "The Dabbler", w/ director Reid Gershbein
Wednesday, August 26, 2009 7 PM (doors at 6:30) Aeon Logic Art Gallery 4 Malcolm X Boulevard Brooklyn, NY 11221 (map, nearest subway station: Kosciusko St - on J line) $5 Venue phone: (646) 350-5392 :: Event Info Contact: Sujewa Ekanayake, 718-213-1795, * Reid Gershbein Contact: :: :. "Here. My Explosion..." and "The Dabbler, the Dreamer, and the Man Who Broke the World" are two feature films by Reid Gershbein. Reid started the Two Week Film Collective - a movement in which filmmakers make a film in two weeks, from first day of shooting to final cut. He has worked at Pixar Animation Studios and Dreamworks Animation in research and development and…

Criterion's got an interesting "watch movie online for $5, get $5 off the same movie on DVD" deal

This may be old news for some, but I just learned about it - check out all the info. at Criterion's site. Here's a quote from the site/their FAQ page:


21. I’ve never watched a movie online at the Criterion online cinematheque. How does it work? What does it cost? What do I get?

Watching movies at is easy. Click on FILMS, choose a film, and click where it says “Watch movie $5.” You’ll be asked to enter a credit card, and for $5 you can watch the movie right in your browser or full screen, as many times as you want for a full week. For a year after that, we’ll keep a $5 credit on file for you and apply it to your purchase of that film on DVD or Blu-ray disc. Use it as a way to explore different parts of the collection, get a little daring, or just “try before you buy.” And best of all, each dollar you spend on online rentals gives you points in our loyalty program.
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More here.

A Manhattan Dog Park

Lexington Ave

Mural at Isabela's (near 44th St & 4th Ave, Brooklyn)

Photo part of NYC on iPhone project
Photo Copyright 2009 Sujewa Ekanayake