Criterion's got an interesting "watch movie online for $5, get $5 off the same movie on DVD" deal

This may be old news for some, but I just learned about it - check out all the info. at Criterion's site. Here's a quote from the site/their FAQ page:


21. I’ve never watched a movie online at the Criterion online cinematheque. How does it work? What does it cost? What do I get?

Watching movies at is easy. Click on FILMS, choose a film, and click where it says “Watch movie $5.” You’ll be asked to enter a credit card, and for $5 you can watch the movie right in your browser or full screen, as many times as you want for a full week. For a year after that, we’ll keep a $5 credit on file for you and apply it to your purchase of that film on DVD or Blu-ray disc. Use it as a way to explore different parts of the collection, get a little daring, or just “try before you buy.” And best of all, each dollar you spend on online rentals gives you points in our loyalty program.
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More here.


Chuck said…
This is new to me, as well. I like the idea quite bit in that it's a good way to allow people who are less familiar with the films (or who may know less about the film or director) to test the waters before buying, and it still helps to subsidize the bandwidth w/o ads.

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