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Exploring IFP: Post 1 - Independent Filmmaker Project blog

After complaining about IFP a little last night (here), I heard back from several IFP'ers (Thanks Scott, Danielle, Rupert) this morning & received lots of info. about what IFP does for their members, how to find out more & get more involved, etc. Also found out that I've been a member since April '09 & that IFP had an old mailing address for me (which explains the missing Filmmaker Mag issues & probably the missing John Sayles DVD). Anyway, since I have over 3-4 months left on my current membership, I am going to use it as much as possible & explore all that IFP has to offer to their members, & also figure out how (if necessary) IFP can be improved (I'm mostly concerned at this point about there being an org that could assist ultra-low budget filmmakers who self-distribute, also an indie filmmakers union & maybe even a credit union for indie filmmakers would not be bad ideas/nice things to have in the US - along with health insurance for indie filmmakers - maybe IFP already has some of those services - or has the potential to help bring such services into existence, maybe IFP could be a strong core around which new services that new indie filmmakers need can be built, who knows - will have to see), & perhaps more importantly how IFP can assist me with my various film projects/developing the career, etc.

So, here's my Explore IFP Project's post 1:

Did you know that there's a new blog for IFP? It's called Independent Filmmaker Project (did IFP change their name from Independent Feature Project? not sure), check it out here:
IFP's Community Manger Danielle DiGiacomo said she started this blog.

A few interesting recent posts:

- Re: Perfection & Adrienne Shelly Foundation

- IFP Alumni Shine Among A Strong Sundance Lineup

- A Repost for Thanksgiving

Will be back throughout this week with other interesting things that I discover about IFP.

Also, if I like what I learn about IFP in the coming 3-4 months, I'll renew my membership for 2010.

- Sujewa


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