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An Audience Review of Werewolf Ninja Philosopher

School of Visual Arts instructor and musician Edgar Grana saw Werewolf Ninja Philosopher on 10/25/18.  Here is his response to the movie - in video, and in text below.



I was invited to the opening of Werewolf Ninja Philosopher. and I must say it was a delightful surprise. The cinematography was seamless and controlled with a style that's personally Sujewa Ekanayake's.

It had an intelligence to it with long scenes that held your attention much in the way of film noir, and the acting was consistent. The Werewolf himself was marvelous.  I was amazed that I was willing to watch a Ninja walk down the streets of New York and Brooklyn.

There were marvelous moments of philosophical asides when Werewolf was speaking into his cell phone. There were moments of cutaways to a strange and mysterious woman sitting in the park, a great foil.

I will say that it was well worth the evening. The music cutting was controlled and crafted, never overdone.  There were moments when it needed to be there and it was there.

I recommend this film. It is a great indie presentation for the upcoming Indie director, Sujewa Ekanayake.  He adheres to the first principle of being an artist by not veering from his original vision of the way he cuts his film and the way he directs his actors.


Trailer for Werewolf Ninja Philosopher 


Werewolf Ninja Philosopher screens 10/25-31 at Maysles Cinema, all info, ticket link here -

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