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In WEREWOLF NINJA PHILOSOPHER someone is killing art filmmakers in NYC. The City calls on Werewolf Ninja Philosopher - a werewolf who is a ninja, a philosopher, and a private detective - to help stop the killings. A deadpan, slow cinema, minimalist, black & white, NYC art/indie/DIY/underground werewolf noir comedy by Sujewa Ekanayake. Starring Art Shrian Tiwari as Werewolf. Also featuring Kirsten Dwyer, Alia Lorae, Rachel Dixon and others. Music by Kevin MacLoed (full music details coming soon). Copyright 2018 Sujewa Ekanayake.

"...The cinematography was seamless and controlled with a style that's personally Sujewa Ekanayake's...It had an intelligence to it with long scenes that held your attention much in the way of film noir, and the acting was consistent. The Werewolf himself was marvelous."
- Edgar Grana, School of Visual Arts Instructor, Musician

"“Werewolf” never takes itself serious (its absurd comedy after-all), and Sujewa spends time through the Werewolf expressing his love for the things he’s interested in, centered around his influences, while imbuing the film with a workable philosophy that translates to the real world. It also has several legit laugh out loud moments sprinkled throughout."
- Amir Motlagh, Filmmaker & Musician


ABOUT Filmmaker Sujewa Ekanayake

Sujewa Ekanayake is a Brooklyn, NY based independent filmmaker, distributor, web marketer, and blogger. He is known for writing, producing, and directing several feature length fiction films including Werewolf Ninja Philosopher, Breakthrough Weekend, Date Number One, and Wild Diner. In addition he has produced, directed, and filmed the following feature length documentaries: Indie Film Blogger Road Trip, Capital Heartbreak & Sweetness: 17 DC Poets. Ekanayake's documentary Indie Film Blogger Road Trip was presented as a part of the Atlanta Film Festival in 2009. Ekanayake's films have screened in New York City, Washington, DC, Seattle, and Maryland. Ekanayake is an advocate for independent film production and self-distribution. He is know for the independent film blog DIY Filmmaker, one of the top 25 blogs about film production. Ekanayake promotes multi-ethnic casting and using multi-ethnic crews during production.

PRESS from previous projects

"...Breakthrough Weekend has audacity and poker-faced wit on its side; its wayward pacing and peculiar rhythms recall early Jim Jarmusch, though it has a New York–centric spirit all its own."
- STEPHANIE ZACHAREK, Village Voice, About film Breakthrough Weekend, 2014



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