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Duuudddde, 2/3 of The Maryland New Wave is in the Filmmaker 25 New Faces of Independent Film 2006 list!

The list is of course relatively meaningless because there are 100s of new filmmakers worth watching right now (about 15 of them at Indie Features 06) and it is indie film (meaning anyone who makes a good film is worth watching, it is a wide open field, open to all, which is very, very cool) but it put a smile on my face to see Mike Tully on the list (#18!) and also Todd Rohal (somehow not as much a surprise). Congrats Todd & Mike! We will have to celebrate at the next secret meeting of the MD New Wave (so secret, even the members do not know when it is & do not know about the exact activities of the movement. secret but powerful. the veritable nexus of the DIY, Indiewood, Hollywood film worlds). One more time, go Mike & Todd!!!

- Sujewa
note to self: see The Guatemalan Handshake, Todd's flick.

ps: here's para 1 from Mike Tully's section:

"Filmmaker, musician, blogger and housepainter Michael Tully has been keeping himself busy the past year. It was only about 13 months ago that he and writer-star Damian Lahey finished tearing a festering little hole into the drug-addiction film subgenre with Cocaine Angel, a dime-bag-budgeted, grime-covered crawl through a Florida cokehead's sunshineless state. With its claustrophobic apartments, torn carpets, drawn shades and teetering, visibly scarred supporting characters, the film looks like it wasn't so much filmed in the Jacksonville drug culture as actually discovered there, stained into the floors, reeking like a week-old bender and oozing something nasty, so real was its grasp of place and aura."

Find the rest here (mike's #18) & keep going through the pages to find the entry on Todd (#24).


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