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Date Number One hungry for more NYC screenings :: IFC blogstar AW conducted interview happening :: Sigiri :: Day 3 in NYC over, all went well

Stuff Done Today/Need To Do soon:

- Got about 300 fliers out in the East Village neighborhood promoting the 8/31 Date Number One screening at Pioneer theater

- Spoke w/ about a dozen enthusiastic NYC people about the film, they said they will spread the word about the 8/31 screening.

- Got the contact info for the IFC center programmer (one of many?) at the IFC Center itself (right by the West 4th subway station, where I got off last couple of days to go to East Village),
wll be attempting to get Date Number One screenings there.

- Lots of NYC theaters to contact re: DNO screenings, will be doing it this month.
* if you know ,or if you are, a NYC indie screening venue (indie theater, microcinema) programmer, let me know, will tell ya all about Date Number One so that we can look into doing some screenings. e-mail me at wilddiner AT

- Date Number One Posters & post cards need to get done, DVDs need to get done - working on them this week

* had some yummy sri lankan food at Sigiri restaurant in East Village (91 1st avenue), met some very cool people there (the owners & workers), go check 'em out.

- Oh, Alison Wilmore of the The IFC blog sent me some Qs re: DIY distribution. Perhaps I will get some IFC press soon.

Off to DC, 4 hour drive, talk to you soon. Goodbye for now New York City, we will see each other again in a couple of weeks or soooner. oh yes we will

- Sujewa


The Sujewa said…
Thanks Mr. JB. See ya in NYC on 8/31 for the Pioneer Theater screening of Date Number One if you are in the East Coast that day.

If not, am planning LA screening(s), will let ya know when they are set.

Talk to you soon.

- Sujewa

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